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Where is Ngongotaha Medical Centre?
Ngongotaha Medical Centre is at 17 Taui Street, Ngongotaha on the north side of Rotorua.

Where can I park?
There is a large parking area for the centre with plenty of parking near the practice.

Is there mobility parking nearby and how easy is access?
Ngongotaha Medical Centre has dedicated mobility parks right outside the practice entrance doors.

The main entrance to the practice is one level from footpath to practice. Double automatic opening doors will open as you walk toward them.

Do you have a wheelchair?
Yes we do have a wheelchair available for onsite use only. Please let us know when booking your appointment if this is required.

When is my Doctor available for appointments?
As each of our doctors take turns to cover the acute clinic, they may not have appointments available on every work day. (We don’t have a regular day for each doctor to cover the acute clinic).

Who will I see when my doctor is away?
We are able to provide good care for you even when your doctor is not available. If you need an appointment when your doctor is not available, let us know which alternate doctor you wish to see or we can offer you a time with another doctor who has available appointments.

Do you have appointments in my lunch break?
Some work days we have one doctor offering appointments between 1-2 pm.

Will I see my doctor or nurse at my appointment time?
Ngongotaha Medical Centre doctors and nurses try to keep appointments to the scheduled times. However, due to the nature of medical practice, the doctor or nurse may have an unexpected concern or an urgent condition they need to deal with immediately, which may delay your appointment. Where the reception staff have advised you the doctor or nurse is running late and if you have limited time to wait, please talk to our reception staff and we can discuss if your would prefer to make another appointment.

Can I bring a family member or friend into the consultation when I come to the Doctor or nurse?
Yes. We understand you may be more comfortable and supported when you bring a family member of close friend with you when you visit the doctor or nurse.

What do I do if I need to see the doctor urgently and there are no appointments available?
We will take your name and number and call you if we have a cancellation. If urgent, our reception staff will put your call through to a nurse to discuss if we can help you. We may suggest you see a doctor at Lakes PrimeCare.

What do I do if I need help from my doctor and Ngongotaha Medical Centre is closed?
If you need urgent help please don’t hesitate to call the ambulance {111}, visit Lakes PrimeCare {073481000} or go to the emergency department at Rotorua Hospital {073481199}.

Do I have to pay on the day of my consultation?
Ngongotaha Medical asks for payment for all services on the day of the appointment. If you are unsure what your appointment will cost, our reception staff are able to give you a quote or an estimate depending on the service you require. If we are completing forms on your behalf or providing the immigration report papers, you do need to pay for this before we provide you with the completed forms.

Can I pay for my doctor appointment by direct credit or automatic payment?
You can direct credit your payment. Our bank details are included on our invoice. To help with budgeting, some patients like to set up a regular automatic payment which we credit to their account for their and their families medical fees. If this will help you and your family please let us know and we can help you with the forms.

Why do I have to see the doctor to get a repeat prescription?
We are happy to provide repeat prescriptions much of the time. However, particularly when you haven’t seen the doctor for a while or you need regular review while on your medication, we may ask you to come in to see the doctor before a script is given. The doctor can then review your progress and ensure the medication and dose is still appropriate.

Why do I have to pay for a repeat prescription or a referral letter?
Each time the doctor writes to another medical provider on your part, they need to review your file and consider what information is required and whether this information is still current for your request.

The payment for a referral or repeat prescription pays for the doctor or nurse time plus the administration tasks.

When will my phoned prescription be ready?
Your script will be ready for collection or faxed to your designated pharmacy the next day after you called Ngongotaha Medical Centre.

Scripts faxed to your pharmacy do incur an additional fee.

You may wish to email our nurses on nurses@nmc.co.nz to request a repeat prescription. Please include all of the medications you require, if you want the script faxed, and please note to which pharmacy we should fax the script to.

If you need a repeat prescription urgently please call our nurses on 073571030 and extension 2.

If there is no answer please leave a message and we will action your request.

Will my doctor talk about me and my medical information to anyone else (family, ACC, insurance company)?
The medical practice staff and doctors are governed by the Health Information and Privacy Code.

The code requires us to verify that we have a signed approval by you to release information prior to releasing it to another person or provider.

When you sign your ACC or insurance form, check whether the form gives the party permission to request additional information to that disclosed on the original form from your medical practice .

We may contact you to ask if you are happy for us to release information requested by another provider. If you have concerns about this, please discuss this when we call or perhaps ask us to wait until you make an appointment with your doctor to discuss the request.

How do I find out about by blood, xray or other results?
Please call the nurse phone line three to five days after your test to receive your results. If your call goes to voice mail, please leave a message and a contact phone number she will call you back.

Sometimes the doctor may wish to discuss the result with you. In this instance the nurse will arrange an appointment time for you

What should I do if I am unhappy about something that happened at the medical centre?
Please don’t hesitate to call us and ask to talk with the General Manager about your concerns.

• You may wish to write to us with your complaint, including as much detail as you can such as outlining what happened and peoples names if you are able to identify the doctor or staff member.

• In our experience it is often easier, and provides a more satisfactory outcome, if you are able to meet us face to face to discuss your concern. You may wish to bring a friend or family member to this discussion – please let us know if you wish to do so.

We have obligations under the Health & Disability Act to respond to your concern or complaint. A link to the Health & Disability web site with information outlining our obligations http://www.hdc.org.nz/complaints and local health advocates is available on http://advocacy.hdc.org.nz/find-an-advocate

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