Minor surgery

We have a small dedicated theatre where we can perform a range of small surgical services such as cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen) and assessment of skin lesions.

1. Liquid nitrogen or cryotherapy.

Freezing with liquid nitrogen is often used for warts or small areas of sun damaged skin. A light freeze usually leaves no scar, but longer freeze times (necessary for larger or more dense areas) can result in a pale mark or scar.

2. Skin biopsy.

The biopsy may be performed to take a sample of a skin rash or skin lesion. The sample is then sent to the laboratory for testing using a variety of staining and microscopic techniques.

The procedures used may be:

a) A small biopsy where a small incision is made. This biopsy may involve taking part of the skin or removing a complete skin lesion (excision biopsy).

This method maximises the removal of the areas of concern.  Sometimes the biopsied area needs a suture (stitch). These are usually removed after a few days; the time depending on the size and location of the lesion. You may have a small mark or scar from this procedure.

b) Punch biopsy, which involves taking a small disc of skin using a special biopsy instrument.  As above sometimes the area requires a small suture to improve healing and minimise scarring.

3. Toenail resection.

This procedure is to treat ingrown toenails.

Initially in a separate appointment, the doctor will  look at the toenail area that is troubling you and you may require a course of antibiotics prior to treatment.

The operation includes removing the part of the nail causing the pain. You will come in to the practice the day following the procedure so a nurse can review the area where the nail was removed and change the dressing.

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